Sam Moore Chair

I scoured everywhere I could think of to find this chair used.  It was discontinued by the furniture stores.  This chair would work in any of my rooms and with all of my decor.  Love it!!!!

3 Of My Favorite Interior Design Photos

Beautiful French Country Kitchen. The colors are great. The only thing I don't care for is the fabric on the chairs at the table.

I love this room because while it sophisticated it's also so cozy looking. The yellow walls make the entire room pop. I wish I had the nerve to be so bold.

I was trying to get some great ideas on how to decorate my kitchen island when I found this photo. Love the island.

Decorating On A Tight Budget...

For those of you who either don't have a money tree or for those of you who love to be creative without spending too much, you can have a decent looking home. I'm not sure if I'm thrifty or if I just love the challenge of buying something used and making the most out of it. So I've posted a before and after of my living room. Still doesn't have quite the feel I want but it's getting there. The entire room is mostly used and even what isn't I got a great deal on. If anyone were to ever view this....not even sure how someone would find my page, please feel free to offer any decorating tips. I would love to hear from you.

Before Photos:

Our Christmas Tree....Small But Cute!

We decided this year to get a small tree so that we wouldn't have to move the entire living room around. Of course this meant more than half of the ornaments we have couldn't go on the tree. But in the end, it really turned out cute.

My first Tea Stain Glazed piece....a kitchen island.

I was looking for a small kitchen island and came across this item. It was advertised as a microwave cart. I could definitely see the potential for it to be the small island I needed. But what color....I was trying to decide between dark blue, sea blue (light/med blue) or white.

I knew that I wanted to use Ralph Lauren Tea Stain Glaze regardless. So I removed the top piece from the island and the middle shelf. Removing the middle shelf made the island look larger because the space opened up more."

I started with the dark blue. Left it like that for about two weeks to see if it would grow on me. It didn't. So I lightly sanded over again so that some of the dark blue could be exposed later and went with the white. I liked it well enough but it just seemed plain so I distressed the edges and gave it some rough spots. Now for the tea stain. I wiped it on using an old white t-shirt.
After letting it sit on for about 3 minutes I would wipe it off with a different old white tee. Wiped gently in the areas where I wanted more of the stain and harder where I didn't. When I messed up I would just rub the area again with more glaze and wipe again. Just in case anyone wanted to see how it looked as I was doing it here are some pics.

It turned out great but now I don't particularly care for the rough spots I put on it. So, I'll give it another couple of weeks and probably re-cover those spots with the white paint and glaze.