Valentine Sweethearts Candy Ipods

I noticed this on another blog (sorry...unfortunately I can't remember where) but I ended up finding it on .  You can view the instructions on their site but I'm also listing how I did it.


Boxes of Sweethearts
Valentine Tootsie Rolls
Glue Stick
Scrapbook Paper of Your Choice
Ipod Template
Gift Tags
Goodie Bags

Get the ipod template by copying this link  and pasting it as your web address.  It will allow you to change the songs to accommodate your choice of songs.  Here is what their template looks like:

I changed our template to four to a page instead of two (save paper).  And this is what I changed ours to show:

The same blog, the one that I can't find or remember, also had these great ipod heart stickers on their bags.  So I googled it and found them.  The entire heart is filled with Ipods.  I printed them on business cards to use as the gift tags.  

  Using scrapbook paper, I used the box of Sweethearts as the template.  It just needs to wrap around the box, not cover the top and bottom.  Cut the paper so that you have enough room in back to glue the paper together.  Before you glue the paper together in back, tape the string on the inside of the paper in back - either side.  Here is what the back looks like.  
I tied a Valentine Tootsie Roll to each end of the strings (2 ends).  These are the ipod earphones.

After cutting out the ipod template (make sure to cut the song box and wheel separately), I laminated them.  Using a glue stick, I glued them to the front of the box.

Place in the goodie bag.  I found lollipop bags that were the perfect fit at Michaels.    Above the drawsting, there is the perfect spot to place the label in and staple it.  The reason for the goodie bag is to keep the tootsie roll earphones from dangling everywhere.  Tie the goodie bag.  Staple the label/tag in the top part of the bag and there you have it.  Here are some finished pictures.

I'll be glad to answer any questions anyone may have.  I think the kids will have a great time with these. :)


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